The Race

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‘The Race’, is a project covering gallop races, racing lobbies, jockeys, trainers and horse owners in France for a year for “France Galop company”. The photographs are published into the book format by Horizon Illimité in 2002 in France and displayed many times. The text of the book named ‘Galop’ in French is written by famous French horse racing writer Homeric.

When you mention horse racing in France the first thing that comes to mind is Prix de I’Arc de Triomphe scheduled every year on the first Sunday in October. All care workers, stablemen, trainers, veterinarians and horse owners focus on October month in Chantilly, Maison-Laffite, Mont de Marsan, Deauville and Pau where the world-famous stud farms are located and champions train. Racers slug it out in hippodrome in Boulogne forest and the champion stage a victory parade. Care workers wear the most elaborate dungarees, stablemen wear suits and tie an English tieknot, horse owners wear bowlers and ladies wear nobby hats. All those for the race. It is a tradition to be respectful for the charisma of prospective champion. In France, the horse racing sector provides employment opportunities for 54 000 people. The importance of the economics of horse racing becomes more remarkable when mentioned about 120 000 employees who work in transportation, accommodation, other facilities, and around eight million bettors.