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People of Moscow

In “People of Moscow” the Turkish origin Ahmet Sel does the portrait of those he met and appreciated throughout his reports or either by chance from his meetings in the Russian capital where he spent 10 years (1990-2000) as a correspondant of the french cultural channel Arte and of the well-known photo agency Sipa. During […]

Fans of Turkish National Basketball Team

Fans of Turkish national basketball team celebrating with the photographs of Ahmet Sel, the second place in the Basketball World Championship, of so called “12 Giants” (12 Dev Adam) in Suadiye Istanbul the 13th September 2010. Video by Engin Guneysu.

Koç, A story of Philanthropy in Modern Turkey

In early 1900s, Vehbi Koç began a path to success by opening a grocery store, an ambitious goal  for a 16-year-old. Over a hundred and ten years later, the Vehbi Koç Foundation and the Koç family continue to be an inspiration for those seeking to create centers of philanthropic excellence. He worked to create modern […]

People of Moscow

There is a custom which still exists in some places in Moscow, which is the habit of sitting down when it is time to say goodbye. The nervous moment before leaving, tears or hysterical laughter, are all held in check for just a few moments. Everyone sits, simply waits, and holds his breath. It is […]